November 16, 2018

From the Editor’s Desk . . .


The SLJ Style Sheet can be found at our website: If you plan to submit, please follow the SLJ Style Sheet closely. Although it is expected that most SLJ articles will be presented at the SALSB Annual Conference, conference presentation is not a prerequisite for publication. Contributors should visit our website for SLJ Submission Policies.


The SLJ is listed in Ulrich’s International Periodical Direcctory and in Cabell’s Directory. Full text of all SLJ articles are avaible through our website: www.southernlawjoural .com. Full text may also be accessed through EBSCO’s “Academic Research Complete” database, accessible through over 90% of the world’s Electronic University holdings. Abstracts are produced by and published on EBSCO’s “Academic Research Elite.” Hard copy of back issues of the SLJ can be found in over two hundred regional libraries. Current issues can be obtained by contacting the editor at


For the first time, this issue of the SLJ includes a book review. The SLJ prints pedagogical papers, comparative law papers, and book reviews under headings that distinguishes these submissions from traditional articles. Pursuant to SLJ policy, the journal will print reviews of scholarly books, but not text books. If you are interested in writing a book review of a scholarly book written by a SALSB member, or other book of interest to our membership, please contact me for SLJ submission guidelines.


As always, producing the SLJ is a joint effort. In particular, I would like to acknowledge my graduate assistant, Ms. Kara Laster. Kara is an M.B.A./J.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. Kara provided excellent Blue Book and cite checking support for Volume 28 of the SLJ. Almost without exception, every author who published an article in Volume 28 asked me to send their appreciation to Kara for her excellent work.


Joseph Zavaleta continues to do a great job with the SLJ website. Professors Dan Davidson, Susan Dana, Michelle Evans, Jennifer Barger Johnson, Susan Park, Patricia Pattison, Marcia Staff, Lee Usnick, and Trisha Wald provided excellent reviews.

Professor Laura Sullivan continues her stellar service as Executive Director. Brian Elzweig serves as Lexis-Nexus liason. I offer a sincere thanks to all. I also offer Henry Lowenstein my congratulations for winning this year’s “Best Article Award!”


Your submissions continue to enable the SLJ to grow and to strengthen. Please keep those manuscripts coming!


Kind regards,


Daniel T. Ostas Editor-in-Chief Southern Law Journal

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