November 15, 2019

From the Editor’s Desk . . .  Passing the Baton

With Issue 29(2), I close my eleven-year tenure as Editor-in-Chief of the Southern Law Journal.  I have appreciated the opportunity to serve.  I leave my editorial duties in the able hand of SALSB Executive Director, Professor Laura Sullivan.

The SLJ will continue with Volume 30 in 2020.  The SLJ Style Sheet should be found at our website:  If you plan to submit, please follow the SLJ Style Sheet closely.  Contributors should visit our website for recently revised SLJ Submission Policies.  Questions should be directed to Laura at  Manuscripts should be sent to her as well.

Congratulations to Professors Wade Davis and Jessica Magaldi who received the Volume 29 Best Paper Award for their article entitled, “Into the Bowels of Hell”: Examining Online Defamation Law Through the Twitter Accounts of James Woods.  The two issues of Volume 29 collectively have ten scholarly articles and three pedagogical papers.  I thank the 2019 SLJ review team and all contributing authors. 

Producing the SLJ always has been a joint effort.  Over the years, I have benefited from a host of very able grad assistants.  Through Issue 29(1), I enjoyed the good cheer and professionalism of Professor Joe Zaveleta who served as our webmaster and created a marvelous website.  In Spring 2019, Joe’s web duties were passed to Professor Ray Teske.

Professors Will Mawer and Dan Davidson deserve special mention.  Will preceded me as SLJ Editor-in-Chief and guided me through the transition.  For eleven years, Dan always has been my “right-hand-person” whenever I needed a quick turnaround on a review or a sounding board regarding SLJ policy.  I offer both Will and Dan my sincere thanks.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone over the past eleven years who has submitted a manuscript for review.  It has been my pleasure to serve.

Kind regards,

Daniel T. Ostas
Southern Law Journal